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With an extensive catalog of primary and iPSC-derived cell products in inventory along with a team of skilled scientists, iXCells has the ability to develop and execute complex assays to
advance your research.
Taking advantage of our extensive catalog and experience working with both primary and iPSC-derived cells, iXCells Biotechnologies is able to provide our customers
Cell profiling and efficacy evaluation in disease- relevant or patient-derived cell systems using the latest technologies.
Neuronal Assays

Neurotoxicity occurs when neurotoxins affect the normal activity of the nervous system and ultimately damage nervous tissue.

Disease Model Development
Leveraging our expertise with both primary and iPSC-derived cells we are able to help our customers to generate their own “Disease-in- Dish” models.
Immune Assays
Our fresh and cryo-preserved immune cell drive high impact research in Cancer, Aging, and Infectious Disease. iXCells is a industry leading provider fresh immune cells…