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San Diego, California, June 07, 2023 – iXCells Biotechnologies (“iXCells” or the “company”), a cell technology company, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Tebubio to enhance distribution of the company’s products throughout Europe.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Tebubio will take on responsibility to market, sell, and distribute iXCells’ comprehensive range of RUO products including primary cells, iPSC-derived cells, engineered disease cell models, and cell culture media. With a centralized distribution hub in France, this collaboration ensures efficient order processing and timely delivery of iXCells’ products to end-users located in key EU countries, including France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom & Eire, the Nordic Countries, and more.

Wayne Vaz, VP of Corporate Development & Commercial Operations at iXCells, expressed optimism for the partnership, stating, “With Tebubio’s extensive industry knowledge, operational capabilities, and impressive market reach, we’re confident this collaboration will benefit life science researchers and further drive growth and expansion of iXCells’ products throughout Europe.”

Donald van Dijk, General Manager of Tebubio, added, “We’re delighted to welcome iXCells to our growing portfolio of life science partners providing critical products used every day by life science researchers across Europe. Leveraging our established distribution network and deep understanding of Europe’s life science research market, we’re confident in our ability to continue meeting the needs of researchers to support their scientific endeavors.”

This partnership between iXCells and Tebubio represents a shared commitment towards driving scientific progress and empowering researchers with reliable, high-quality tools. Together, we aim to advance the field of life sciences and address the evolving needs of researchers across Europe.

About iXCells Biotechnologies

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, iXCells Biotechnologies is a cell biology and cell technology company specializing in preclinical drug discovery solutions with the focus on disease relevant cellular models enabling technologies and services to the academic, biotech and pharma communities. iXCells provides primary cells and iPSC derived cells, custom iPSC services, and functional bioassay development and execution, among other products and services.

About Tebubio

Our vision of helping to advance Life Sciences research every day is embodied by providing a unique, holistic range of solutions to make life easier – easily and quickly accessible. The full scope of your needs is at the center of our attention. Our experts provide reliable, multimodal solutions, encompassing our extensive range of products, in-house laboratory platforms, and our practical administrative and logistics services. You’ll find the right combination of answers to accelerate your daily work, in one place. Enjoy local access to global solutions, always within easy reach at one of our 9 local offices in Europe.

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Strategic Initiative to drive continued growth. iXCells Biotechnologies and Life Technologies India Announce Distribution Agreement
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