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Human Cervical Epithelial Cells (HCerEpC)

SKU: 10HU-094

Human Cervical Epithelial Cells (HCerEpC)

SKU: 10HU-094
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10HU-094Cryopreserved, 0.5 million cells/vialStarting at: $780.00

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Product Description

The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus and functions to promote fertility and protect the female reproductive tract and fetus from potential pathogens. In addition, the cervix plays a critical role in childbirth by effacing and dilating to allow the baby to pass out of the uterus [1]. Human Cervical Epithelial Cells (HCerEpC) maintain structural integrity and limit the passage of molecular and cellular substances into the cervix using intercellular junctions [2,3]. Studies have shown that patients infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) causes inflammation of the epithelial cell layer which can lead to the development of cervical carcinoma [4]. Primary HCerEpC are a useful in vitro model for studying the pathophysiology of cervical polyps, HPV, and cervical cancer.

iXCells Biotechnologies provides high quality HCerEpC, which are isolated from normal human cervix and cryopreserved at P2, with ≥ 0.5 million cells in each vial. HCerEpC express cytokeratin-18 and ZO-1, and are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. They can be further expanded no more than 3 passages in Epithelial Cell Growth Medium (Cat# MD-0041) under the condition suggested by iXCells Biotechnologies. Further expansion may decrease the purity.

10HU 094

Figure 1. (A) Phase contrast image of HCerEpC on day 1 and day 3 post recovery. (B) Immunofluorescence staining of HCerEpC with antibody against ZO1 (Green).

Product Details

Tissue Human cervix
Package Size 0.5 million cells/vial
Passage Number P2
Shipped Cryopreserved
Storage Liquid nitrogen
Growth Properties Adherent
Media Epithelial Cell Growth Medium (Cat# MD-0041)


[1] Kristin M. Myers, Helen Feltovich, Edoardo Mazza, Joy Vink, Michael Bajka, Ronald J. Wapner, Timothy J. Hall, Michael House (2016) The mechanical role of the cervix in pregnancy. J Biomech. 48(9): 1511–1523.

[2] Turyk M, Golub T, Wood N, Hawkins J, Wilbanks G. (1989) “Growth and characterization of epithelial cells from normal human uterine ectocervix and endocervix.” In Vitro Cell Dev Biol. 25(6):544-556.

[3] Blaskewicz C, Pudney J, Anderson D. (2011) “Structure and function of intercellular junctions in human cervical and vaginal mucosal epithelia.” Biol Reprod. 85(1): 97-104.

[4] McLaughlin-Drubin M, Meyers J, Munger K. (2012) “Cancer associated human papillomaviruses.” Curr Opin Virol. 2(4): 459-466.


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