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Human Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts (iPSC-derived, Normal)

SKU: 40HU-176

Human Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts (iPSC-derived, Normal)

SKU: 40HU-176
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Starting at: $1,410.00

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40HU-176-1MCryopreserved, 1.0 million cells/vialStarting at: $1,410.00
40HU-176-3MCryopreserved, 3.0 million cells/vialStarting at: $3,002.00

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Product Description

iPSC-derived skeletal muscle myoblasts are valuable tools for biochemical analysis, disease modelling.

iXCells Biotechnologies is proud to provide ready-to-use human iPSC-derived skeletal muscle myoblasts for differentiation into functional myotubes. iXCells™ hiPSC-derived myoblasts express typical markers, e.g. MyoD and Desmin (Figure 1) and rapidly differentiate into functional myotubes expressing markers including MHC, Dystrophin and MyoG (Figure 2), with the purity higher than 85%. Functional validation of iPSC-derived myotubes can be observed by their spontaneous twitching in the well (Conci). iXCells™ human iPSC-derived skeletal muscle myoblasts are available in a kit format containing both cryopreserved vials (1 or 3 million cells/vial) along with the necessary media components to expand, differentiate and maintain the myotubes in culture for at least 4-6 weeks. Longevity of the myotubes in culture can be extended with a bi-weekly 24-hr pulse of Myoblast Expansion Medium (Cat# MD-0102A) followed by replacement with Myoblast Differentiation Medium (Cat# MD-0102B).

iXCells also provide customized differentiation service with your own iPS cell lines. Please contact us at for more details.


Figure 1. MyoD and Desmin staining of human iPSC-derived myoblasts upon recovery in the Myoblast Expansion Medium (Cat# MD-0102A).



Figure 2. Formation of myotubes were observed after 4 days of differentiation of human iPSC-derived myoblasts in the Myoblast Differentiation Medium (Cat# MD-0102B). MHC staining of myotubes were shown by immunofluorescence staining (red).


Product Details

Tissue Origin Human iPSC-derived myoblasts (Normal, ALS)
Package Size 1.0 million cells/vial (Frozen)
3.0 million cells/vial (Frozen)
Shipped Cryopreserved
Storage Liquid Nitrogen
Media iPSC-Derived Myoblast Expansion Medium (Cat# MD-0102A)
iPSC-Derived Myoblast Differentiation Medium (Cat# MD-0102B)


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