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Rat Embryonic Fibroblasts (REF)

SKU: 10RA-015

Rat Embryonic Fibroblasts (REF)

SKU: 10RA-015
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10RA-015Cryopreserved, 1.0 million cells/vialStarting at: $161.00

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Product Description

Rat Embryonic Fibroblasts (REF) are used to support the growth of rat and human pluripotent stem cells [1]. REF not only provide a substrate for pluripotent stem cells to grow on, but also secrete critical growth factors to maintain stem cell pluripotency. REFs are isolated from rat embryos and used at early passages [2]. To serve as feeder cells, REF must be treated with mitomycin C or by irradiation to prevent cell proliferation. The treated cells can also be used to generate conditioned medium for feeder-free culture of pluripotent stem cells.

iXCells Biotechnologies provides high quality Rat Embryonic Fibroblasts (REF), which are isolated from embryonic day 14 rat embryos and cryopreserved at P0, with >1 million cells in each vial. REFs express fibronectin and are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. They can further expand for 5 population doublings in Fibroblast Growth Medium (Cat# MD-0011) under the condition suggested by iXCells Biotechnologies.


Figure 1. Rat Embryonic Fibroblasts (REF) (phase contrast)

Product Details

Tissue Rat Embryonic Fibroblasts (REF)
Package Size 1.0 x 106 cells/vial
Passage Number P0
Shipped Cryopreserved
Storage Liquid nitrogen
Growth Properties Adherent
Media Fibroblast Growth Medium (Cat# MD-0011)



[1] Bradley, A. (1987). Production and analysis of chimaeras. In Teratocarcinomas and Embryonic Stem Cells: A Practical Approach, (ed. E. J. Robertson), pp. 113-151. Oxford: IRL Press.

[2] Ping Li, Chang Tong, Ruty Mehrian-Shai, Li Jia, Nancy Wu, Youzhen Yan, Robert E. Maxson, Eric N. Schulze, Houyan Song, Chih-Lin Hsieh, Martin F. Pera, and Qi-Long Ying. (2008) Germline Competent Embryonic Stem Cells Derived from Rat Blastocysts. Cell. 135(7): 1299-1310.

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