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Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Last updated August 18, 2023

Welcome to the iXCells Biotechnologies Referral Program! These terms and conditions govern your participation in our referral program. By participating in the program, you agree to these terms.

How to Refer Your Peers and Colleagues

To refer your refer peers and colleagues, visit the program page and use any of the following methods:

  • Add your peers, colleagues or friends email addresses
  • Copy your unique referral link to share
  • Post on your preferred social networks

For the purposes of this program, a “Referral” is someone who signs up on iXCells Biotechnologies through your referral link. You, the user referring peers or colleagues, are referred to as the “Referrer.”

Referral Program Guidelines

The Referral Program permits you to share the referral link with your connections through email and social channels. By participating, you agree to use the Referral Program exclusively for personal peers and colleagues. You shall refrain from publishing or distributing the referral link through methods, platforms, or media where there’s no reasonable basis to believe that most readers or recipients are personal peers and colleagues. This excludes tactics such as purchasing paid advertisements, utilizing coupon websites, Reddit, etc. Generating or soliciting bulk electronic mail messages (commonly known as “SPAM”) is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, you commit to adhering to all applicable laws, guidelines, and regulations, encompassing electronic messaging, anti-spam measures, and privacy laws.

If you intend to earn rewards and credits for your own purchases, please refer to our Loyalty Program.

When inviting peers or colleagues via email using the referral system, they will receive an email notification about your referral, along with an invitation to join iXCells Biotechnologies. Emails will be dispatched solely to peers and colleagues who aren’t registered with iXCells. Consent from your Referrals must be obtained before referring them.

Eligible Participants

This Referral Program is exclusively available to registered iXCells customers and operates for a limited duration. We retain the right to withdraw or suspend the Referral Program, either partially or entirely, at any juncture. The prerequisites and incentives are subject to potential alterations at our discretion.

Earning, Receiving, and Redeeming iXCells Credits

Each of your Referrals will enjoy a 20% discount, capped at $1000, for their first purchase on iXCells Biotechnologies. This discount cannot be combined with any other promotion or coupon.

The term “Qualifying Purchase” denotes a successful, delivered, and completed purchase by the Referral. Such a purchase must be conducted using an external payment method, not iXCells Credits.

As the Referrer, you will be rewarded with iXCells Credits based on your Referral’s initial Qualifying Purchase (200 points = $10 credits per Qualifying Purchase). These credits can be applied toward your subsequent order or accrued for later use. Your total iXCells Credits earnings can reach up to $1000.

Referrals Referred by Multiple Referrers

If another user (Referrer) also referred your Referral, you will receive iXCells Credits only when the Referral joins iXCells Biotechnologies and completes their first Qualifying Purchase via your referral link. Credits will not be granted if the Referral uses another user’s referral link to join.

For Those Invited as Referrals

Upon completing your first Qualifying Purchase, your Referrer will receive iXCells Credits in their dashboard balance. They will also be informed that the credit is linked to a Qualifying Purchase from one of their Referrals. Your purchase details will not be disclosed to the Referrer.

Important Disclaimers

We reserve the right to suspend your account and revoke granted iXCells Credits in the event of any activity by the Referrer or Referral that contravenes the Referral Program’s terms and conditions.

We retain the right to investigate the participation of either party in the Referral Program for any suspected fraudulent activity and undertake necessary measures to terminate their engagement. Furthermore, we hold the right to modify or suspend the Referral Program at our discretion, without prior notice.

iXCells Biotechnologies Sole Right To Modify:

iXCells Biotechnologies reserves the right to change the Referral Program (and these Terms & Conditions, as applicable) at any time in its sole discretion. Such changes may include, by way of example only, the following:

  • The number of Points earned for making a purchase
  • Limiting the availability of earning Points to the purchase of specific products
  • Adjusting (upwards or downwards) the number of Points which will result in the issuance of a Reward
  • Modifying Rewards, including the conditions on redeeming same
  • Modifying Benefits which are available
  • Limiting the time during which points can be redeemed for rewards
  • Modifying the procedure for joining the program

In addition to the foregoing, iXCells Biotechnologies reserves the right to cancel the Referral Program altogether. In such event, Points in your account as of the date of cancellation will be automatically converted to Rewards, with Reward(s) being issued to the Customer via email.

iXCells will try to provide reasonable notice via the Website and/or via email notification to each participating customer, in advance of such changes (or Program cancellation, as the case may be) taking effect. Such notice will explain the change (or Referral Program cancellation, as the case may be) and when it takes effect. Due to an event beyond the reasonable control of iXCells (a force majeure event), such as a riot, civil commotion, governmental action, natural disaster, pandemic/epidemic, materials shortage, or act of fraud, iXCells Biotechnologies reserves the right to have such changes take effect immediately, without liability of any kind under any legal theory.

Your continued participation in the Referral Program constitutes your agreement to such changes to the Program (or the cancellation of the Program, as the case may be). You are strongly advised to review these Terms & Conditions from time to time to make sure that you are fully aware of the current conditions governing the operation of the Loyalty Program.

Ready to get started? Visit the Referral Program page and start referring!