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Human PBMCs (Fresh)


Human PBMCs (Fresh)

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Starting at: $790.00

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CXPR-15-200MFresh Human PBMC, 200-250 million cells/vialStarting at: $976.00
CXPR-15-1200MFresh Human PBMC, 1000-1200 million cells/vial-mix donorsStarting at: $1,961.00
CXPR-15-350MFresh Human PBMC, 350-400 million cells/vialStarting at: $1,074.00
CXPR-15-100MFresh Human PBMC, 100 million cells/vialStarting at: $790.00
CXPR-15-500MFresh Human PBMC, 500-600 million cells/vialStarting at: $1,323.00
CXPR-15-700MFresh Human PBMC, 700-900 million cells/vialStarting at: $1,573.00

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Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) is any blood cell with a single nucleus. These blood cells are a critical component in human immune system to fight pathogen. PBMCs consist of lymphocytes (T, B and NK cells), monocytes and dendritic cells. PBMCs are widely used in research fields including immunology, infectious diseases and hematological malignancies etc. For San Diego County end users, iXCells Biotechnologies offers same day delivery of fresh PBMCs. Freshly drawn human peripheral blood samples will be processed in the morning and isolated PBMCs will be delivered on ice in early afternoon. Overnight shipping is available for the rest of the Continental United States.

Table 1. Average cell frequencies from enriched PBMC fractions .

Cell Type Frequency (%) in PBMC
Monocytes 10-30%
CD3+ T-cells 45-70%
CD4+ T-cells 25-60%
CD8+ T-cells 5-30%
CD19+ B cells 5-10%


Table 2. Donor information

Donor All donors screened with basic health questionnaire and properly consented. Blood samples screened for human pathogens including HIV-1/2, HBV, and HCV.
Donors with any of the following will be excluded from donating
  • Pregnancy
  • History of heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease
  • History of asthma
  • Blood and bleeding disorders including sickle cell disease
  • Neurologic disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes

Note: Same day processing fee is required for each preparation. This charge might be reduced if another preparation is scheduled on the same day. Please check with our customer support for pre-scheduled preparation on the desired delivery day.

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